Design Philosophy
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Design Philosophy

Our driving principle is that whether commercial or not-for-profit, all products must deliver Return On Investment(ROI), be it financial or otherwise. We are committed to maximising efficiency and minimising overheads on an ongoing basis.

Over a product lifecycle the following costs are incurred:

  • Cost of Development
  • Cost of Manufacture, Test & Distribution
  • Cost of Marketing & Sales
  • Cost of Support
  • Cost of Disposal

The development phase must seek not only to minimise the component costs but also those of assembly, test & distribution. As always there is a balance – often it is essential to get a product to market quickly & cheaply, in which case a second stage to further reduce production costs may be appropriate.

Attention to size & weight can have a significant impact on shipping cost. Mechanical design & packaging must ensure that the product survives the rigours of transit. Well thought out product features will reduce marketing & sales overheads.

Cost of Support may persist after manufacture has ceased but effort put into making the operation intuitive will have a significant impact. Cost of Maintenance was excluded as for some products servicing & spares can be a profitable activity.

Until relatively recently cost of disposal was usually the responsibility of the customer but environmental concerns have led to legislation such as the EU Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive which has shifted much of the burden to the manufacturer.

Products do sell themselves occasionally (e.g. Tamagotchi ®) but these are the exceptions not the rule. At WareWorks we believe strongly that successful products come from addressing all aspects of the design process, including:

  • Commercial
  • Intellectual Property
  • Electronics & Software
  • Ergonomics & Enclosure
  • Standards & Certification
  • Packaging & Instructions
  • Manufacture & Test

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