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A couple of quotes...

"In science, there are no universal truths, just views of the world that have yet to be shown to be false." Brian Cox.

"Insufficient facts always invite danger." Mr Spock, Star Trek Original Series (Season 1, Episode 24).

But have you ever heard of Cooper's Law...

Apparently, since 1897 (when Marconi patented wireless telegraphy) the amount of information for a given bandwidth (Spectral Efficiency) has doubled every two & a half years.

Your Fire Detector Starts Sounding Low Battery in the Small Hours

If it’s chilly, try turning the heating on – it may be just enough to get you through till morning.

Getting the most out of you mobile phone & laptop batteries

Many people are treating Li-Ion batteries in the same way that older NiCd chemistry required, with regular full discharges to overcome the memory effect. In reality Li-Ion prefers frequent partial charges. However occasional full discharges are a good idea so the charge monitor can recalibrate itself as the battery ages:

  • Don’t buy a spare battery (wait till you need a replacement) but if you do - run it down to about half charge (40% ideally) & store it in the fridge (not freezer). Allow to warm up & then charge before using.
  • Don’t let it get too hot:
    • Don’t leave it in direct sunlight (especially in a car or conservatory)
    • When running your laptop on (reliable) AC take the battery out

Interesting definition of Dielectric

I came across this interesting definition of dielectric recently – "a substance that can be penetrated by an electric field but not by an electric current".

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