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As technology continues to evolve rapidly it is almost always possible to identify savings. Sometimes this may be as simple as specifying more cost-effective components or rationalising test procedures. In other cases some redesign may be required but for an existing product where volumes are known, a fixed price proposal allows the payback period to be calculated with confidence.

As a bonus, when some redesign is undertaken it is normally possible to incorporate extra value added features at minimal additional cost. It’s not a problem if you don’t have access to the original designers or even the design files - we can reverse engineer products from minimal data.

Eight Key Questions

  • Your electronics were designed over three years ago
  • You use different electronics for similar functions
  • Your electronics has multiple variations on a common theme
  • You use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • You use mechanical or electromechanical control
  • You manufacture medium or high volumes on-shore
  • Your competitors consistently undercut you
  • Your returns rate is too high

If you’ve answered yes to just one of the above then we can probably save you money. If it’s two or more then the likelihood is even higher. Why not get in touch – advice is free & it normally only takes around 10 minutes to give an initial opinion – contact us.

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