Business Plan

If you’re new to the development process then you’ll need a business plan, see

We can usually give a pretty good indication of anticipated manufacturing cost during initial discussions, although occasionally a feasibility study may be required.


Always insist on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before revealing your idea. Our NDA protects both parties against disclosure of confidential information & may be downloaded in several formats:

If you have an alternative NDA then we are happy to use this instead. Please also read our terms of business document.

Intellectual Property

If your idea is innovative it may be worth protecting:

Grants & Tax Relief

Research & Development Grants are available for technically innovative products & processes:

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits allow companies to deduct up to 150% of R&D expenditure for tax purposes. In some cases this tax relief may be surrendered for cash, see R&D Tax Credits.

Our experience is that applying for R&D tax credits is an extremely complex process, even with the help of an accountant. However GovGrant specialise in this area & operate on a "no tax credit, no fee" basis, so we would suggest making them your first port of call.

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