Speed Up The Design Process

Speed up the design process

If you have an in-house team they may be over-stretched or tied up supporting existing products. Perhaps there’s a new technology you need to master – fast.

Either way we can help – supplementing your own people till they’re over the hump or accelerating the learning curve with knowledge transfer.

Some of our engineers have experience dating back a long way – this knowledge can prove invaluable when seeking to update legacy products.

Your in-house team is a highly valued resource offering continuity, product knowledge & market understanding. We can complement this with fresh insight, latest techniques & cross-fertilisation from other industries.

Working together

However, it is not unknown for in-house design teams to be wary of being displaced by external consultants (sometimes even favouring the least threatening over the more competent). However in our experience this just doesn’t happen. In-house teams & external consultants have different pros & cons but working together eliminates the disadvantages & combines the advantages.

Consultants are sometimes perceived as an expensive resource but remember:

  • You don’t contribute to our pensions
  • You don’t incur Employer’s PAYE or NI
  • You don’t pay us if we’re sick or on leave
  • You don’t pay us for holidays & bank holidays
  • You don’t have to find stuff for us to do when the project’s finished
  • We provide our own offices, equipment & training.

WareWorks costs are completely transparent & quoted in advance to aid budgeting – we are paid for results.

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