Technical Services

Proof of Concept

In many cases it’s self-evident that an idea will work however sometimes either you or your investors may require more concrete evidence.

Feasibility Studies

These typically examine one or more potential realisations of a product for technical feasibility and/or commercial viability.


Whether you need to make the case to your colleagues, your clients or your backers – our presentation will be tailored to your needs. This might include your own research, perhaps a proof or concept or feasibility study – whatever the format we can make your idea come alive.

PCB Layout

We are happy to offer PCB layout as a standalone service for clients who have in-house circuit design capability. In an environment of ever shrinking geometries & higher speeds combined with steadily more demanding EMC requirements, we know that the most important component of the circuit is often the PCB itself. Our engineers understand current flow & controlled impedance routing; we are experienced in the requirements of PCB manufacture & component assembly.

Legacy Components

Perhaps some of your older products use legacy components - the products are not worth updating but the discontinued components are becoming expensive & difficult to source. We can design a tiny module that will fit in place of the legacy part & replicate its function.

Standards & Certification

We are well versed in testing to CE & other International standards for Safety, Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), Ingress (IP), Impact (IK), Etc. CE marking is mandatory within Europe & for offshore sourcing the importer must be able to demonstrate due diligence in ensuring that the product complies, with regard to both design and manufacture. We can help you identify relevant standards, select the most cost-effective approach & guide you through the certification process from start to finish.


We currently offer the following courses:

  • Hardware Design:
    • Offline Switched-Mode PSU Design
  • Embedded Programming:
    • Introduction to Embedded Programming
    • Advanced Techniques in Embedded Programming
    • Real-Time Embedded Programming Skills

If you have different requirements we can tailor a course to your needs. For more details please contact us.


If you have a requirement that is not listed here, please get in touch. We are always happy to offer free advice & if we can’t help we probably know someone who can.

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