The WWL Team

With a combined career length spanning over 70 years our engineers have design experience across the board. We have worked on designs ranging from very low added value items with sales measured in millions right through to products where high demand is one a month with a price tag to match.

Green Credentials...

None of us dispute that global warming is occuring but there are dissenting voices as to whether or not mankind is principally responsible. However we all agree that efforts to reduce our environmental impact are a sensible precaution & we all abhor waste on principal, so we:

  • Diligently recycle - glass, metal & paper
  • Use "green" circuits - to facilitate switching off equipment when not required

EuP Directive...

The Energy Using Products "Framework" Directive focuses on design with a view to bringing about improvements in energy efficiency for products:

  • Sold in significant numbers
  • Which have a significant environmental impact
  • Offer significant potential for improvement

Where the improvements would not significantly compomise the products competativeness, performance or price.

If you're wondering how this has affected our design process - the answer is that we've been doing it anyway as it made sense both environmentally and commercially.

Richard - WareWorks Director:

Responsible for high & medium-level software development. Self-educated embedded software engineer with 20 years experience in access control & medical electronic systems before founding WareWorks - Richard’s interests include hill-walking, literature & music plus he’s also a dab hand in the kitchen. Fond of good curry & real ale.

Andrew - BEng (Hons) - WareWorks Director:

Responsible for hardware plus medium & low-level firmware development. A graduate of Bristol University, Andrew spent 15 years working in the TV & Security Industries, progressing to Technical Director before founding WareWorks.

Andrew is a committed Christian who loves live entertainment (especially theatre) but now finds that his two young sons Spencer & Morgan (affectionately known as Chaos & Mayhem) occupy most of his spare time. He has taken the advice that red wine is good for you thoroughly to heart.

Stephen - BSc (Hons) BEng (Hons) - Development Engineer:

Responsible for hardware simulation & design, PCB layout & prototyping. Graduate of the University of Salford and the Manchester Metropolitan University. Joined WareWorks in 2003.

Science fiction fan with a large collection of books and films on the subject. A keen war-gamer, who not only collects the standard kits but also converts and scratch builds his own. Committee member of a local sports club & served as honorary treasurer from 1997 until 1999.

Andi - HND Electronics - Development Engineer:

Responsible for design & verification of hardware & software projects. Experienced in production engineering for manufacturing, quality systems, PCB layout & switched-mode PSUs. Knowledgeable in several computer languages including Labview, Forth, C, & a variety of assembler. Joined WareWorks in 2007.

Occasionally jogs, swims, and cycles to keep fit & plays Bridge for a bit of fun.

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